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Bailey Lucky Charm
(Retired and enjoying life)
"Bailey" the Labrador

Daisy as a puppy
IMG_2306 copy.jpg
Daisy and her new puppies
IMG_4335 2.jpg

Bailey as a puppy


Bailey is a beautiful white lab with a nice blocky head not often found in a female.  She is a very sweet tempered girl who has a great desire to please and retrieve with all the intelligence desired of her breed.  She has multiple champions in her pedigree.  She has prized excellent hips and has been genetically tested and cleared for genetic diseases as well as receiving her Eye CERT and Advanced Cardiac testing.  Bailey has received her CHIC certification!

Bailey is 85 lbs.

DNA & OFA testing

EXCELLENT Hips/Normal Elbows
Eye CERF: Normal
Heart: Advanced Cardiac: Normal

All DNA testing normal and clear
AKC SR96808102
CHIC Number: 138466

Cupid's Golden Arrow
"Arrow" the Labrador


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Arrow is the daughter of Bailey and Max.   When two beautiful English Labs with amazing attributes are paired you get an outstanding pick of the litter!  Arrow Has a beautiful white coat, the perfect stocky English build and a beautiful blocky style head not often seen in a female Labrador.  She a very sweet tempered girl just like her mama.  Arrow is so intelligent and such a quick study. She has multiple champions in her pedigree. .    

We can't wait to see her future puppies! 

 Arrow has great hips and elbows tested and passed with OFA and PennHip.  She is genetically clear of Labrador genetic diseases by parentage. 

Arrow is 71 lbs.

DNA & PennHip/OFA testing

PennHip clear/Good Hips/OFA Pre-lim Normal Elbows

All DNA testing normal and clear by parentage

Great White's Golden Ticket
Enjoy the Ride

"Harley" the Labrador

Harley is the daughter of Bailey and Max and the younger sister to Arrow.  Harley has been so easy to train.   She learns quickly and has incredible attention skills.  She is serious when she needs to be yet has all the loving playfulness of an English Lab.  She is so affectionate and just craves human touch.   Harley is the first one to greet me each morning just waiting for her hugs.  She has multiple champions in her pedigree. 

DNA & OFA testing

OFA Good Hips/OFA Pre-lim Normal Elbows

All DNA testing normal and clear by parentage


Navilis Kadril
"Navi" the English Cream Golden Retriever

IMG_5835 2.jpg
IMG_1664 2.jpg

Navi is a beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever with a beautiful fluffy white & light cream double coat.  She has a nice feminine head with a great stop, perfect nose and beautiful black pigmentation.  She is a very sweet tempered girl and oh so playful.  Navi was imported from Ukraine from the well known Navilis Kennels.  She comes from an amazing line of champions with a superb pedigree.  

Navi is 78 lbs

DNA Testing

prcd-PRA status: Clear

PRA1&2status: Clear

DM status: Clear

Ichthyosis status:  Clear

OFA Hips & Elbows: Normal/no evidence of hip or elbow dysplasia

Cardiac: Normal  Eyes: Normal (done in Ukraine)

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