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Navilis Kadril
"Navi" the English Cream Golden Retriever

IMG_5835 2.jpg
IMG_1664 2.jpg

Navi is a beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever with a beautiful fluffy light  double coat.  She has a nice feminine head with a great stop, perfect nose and beautiful black pigmentation.  She is a very sweet tempered girl and oh so playful.  Navi was imported from Ukraine from the well known Navilis Kennels.  She comes from an amazing line of champions with a superb pedigree.  

Navi is 70 lbs.

DNA Testing

prcd-PRA status: Clear

PRA1&2status: Clear

DM status: Clear

Ichthyosis status:  Clear

PennHip: Above breed average for hips - in the top 90%

No radiographic evidence of OA for either hip

OFA Hips & Elbow:  No evidence of hip or elbow dysplasia

  Cardiac: Normal Eyes: Normal (Ukraine)

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